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You can rest assured at Bernstein Attorney Office your case will be treated with the utmost of care and expertise as we help you get through this most difficult time in your life.

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We handle all our cases on a contingency fee basis.


Hiring a family law attorney requires investing in a partnership to understand your legal matter and goals when it comes to divorce, child custody or even spousal support, which is why the Bernstein Office is committed to your specific legal endeavors from beginning to end.


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Family Issues?

In a child custody battle, it’s important that we present you to the court in the best possible light. We want the court to see that you are a caring, dedicated parent that puts your child’s best interest above all else.

We are also prepared to aggressively investigate any allegations against your ex-spouse which cast doubt on their ability to parent your children.

What Can You Do?

Like you, the court only cares about the safety and well-being of your children. Our child custody attorneys have over 25 years helping families achieve the best possible outcome when fighting for custody of their kids.

Rest assured that if your ex-spouse chooses to be uncooperative, we are prepared to litigate on your behalf and give you a advantage if a trial becomes necessary.

We Can Help!

United Kingdom federal law provide a wide variety of remedies for employees harmed by a wrongful termination, harassment, wage violations, or other harms in the workplace. As an employee in London, there are several state and federal laws that protect you.


Joanne Bernstein

In law school, determined to develop a career in family law, Joanna pursued and excelled in a number of family law classes. An honors negotiation and advocacy student, she mediated various cases at London courthouses before founding her own attorney office.

Based in London, Joannahas represented numerous clients in cases ranging from misdemeanors such as DUI and drug offenses to high-level felonies. Her aggressiveness and attention to detail have resulted in outright dismissals of several cases and greatly reduced sentences in others. She is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


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We understand the challenges of going through a family law crisis and take a hands-on approach to ensure each and every client can easily contact him and communicate regarding their case. We’re here to treat you like family.

Joanne Bernstein

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Claire Woodward

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Peter Daniels

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“Bernstein Attorneys were extremely helpful with my case. They care and & beyond to get you what you deserve.”

Aleesha Dennis

“They did an excellent job on my case and I highly recommend them. They’re always available to answer any question I had.”

Aleesha Dennis

“I can’t imagine a better outcome with my employer. Anyone working with Bernstein Office are for sure in great hands!”

Aleesha Dennis


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Srpsko privredno društvo raspisuje natječaje za dodjelu stipendija učenicima i studentima
Srpsko privredno društvo raspisuje natječaje za dodjelu stipendija učenicima i studentima
I ove školske/akademske 2023./2024. godine Srpsko privredno društvo raspisuje natječaje za dodjelu stipendija učenicima i studentima iz dva fonda: • Fonda „Vladimir Matijević“ za nadarene učenike i studente slabijih materijalnih mogućnosti i • Fonda „Ivana Vujnović“ za odlične studente.
Objavljen je natječaj za financiranje projekata u 2023. godini
Objavljen je natječaj za financiranje projekata u 2023. godini
Objavljen je natječaj za financiranje projekata u 2023. godini prema programu za financiranje projekata lokalne infrastrukture i ruralnog razvoja na područjima naseljenim pripadnicima nacionalnih manjina. Početak prijave moguć je od 14.08.2023.godine, a krajnji rok za prijavu na natječaj je 18.09.2023.godine.
Odgovorno ljetovanje
Odgovorno ljetovanje
U namjeri što boljeg preventivnog informiranja građana i turista o odgovornom ponašanju te pravilnim reakcijama u ljetnom razdoblju, u privitku Vam šaljemo informativni letak na hrvatskom i engleskom jeziku „ODGOVORNO LJETOVANJE“.
Volonterski centar Krka – Kreni Ravno Ka Aktivizmu
Volonterski centar Krka – Kreni Ravno Ka Aktivizmu
Ekološka udruga „Krka“ Knin u partnerstvu s Gradom Kninom, Općinom Biskupija, Općinom Ervenik, Općinom Promina, OŠ Domovinske zahvalnosti Knin, Veleučilištem Marko Marulić i Hrvatskim zavodom za socijalni rad, područni ured Knin započela je s provedbom dvogodišnjeg programa Volonterski centar Krka - Kreni Ravno Ka Aktivizmu.

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